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Vendor: LPI Exam Code: 101-400 & Exam Name: LPI Level 1 Exam 101, Junior Level Linux Certification, Part 1 of 2 Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 What can the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) be used for? (Choose THREE correct answers.) A. To create RAID 9 arrays. B. To dynamically change the size of logical volumes. C. To encrypt logical volumes. D. To create snapshots. E. To dynamically create or delete logical volumes. Correct Answer: BDE

QUESTION 2 Which of the following environment variables overrides or extends the list of directories holding shared libraries? A. LD_LOAD_PATH B. LD_LIB_PATH C. LD_LIBRARY_PATH D. LD_SHARE_PATH E. LD_RUN_PATH Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 3 In Bash, inserting 1>&2 after a command redirects A. standard error to standard input. B. standard input to standard error. C. standard output to standard error. D. standard error to standard output. E. standard output to standard input. Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 4 Which of the following commands kills the process with the PID 123 but allows the process to "clean up" before exiting? A. kill -PIPE 123 B. kill -KILL 123 C. kill -STOP 123 D. kill -TERM 123 Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 5 Which of the following characters can be combined with a separator string in order to read from the current input source until the separator string, which is on a separate line and without any trailing spaces, is reached? A. << B. <| C. !< D. &

QUESTION 6 What is the effect of the egrep command when the -v option is used? A. It enables color to highlight matching parts. B. It only outputs non-matching lines. C. It shows the command's version information. D. It changes the output order showing the   last matching line first. Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 7 Which grep command will print only the lines that do not end with a / in the file foo? A. grep '/$' foo B. grep '/#' foo C. grep -v '/$' foo D. grep -v '/#' foo Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 8 Which of the following shell redirections will write standard output and standard error output to a file named filename? A. 2>&1 >filename B. >filename 2>&1 C. 1>&2>filename D. >>filename E. 1&2>filename Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 9 Which of the following commands will print the last 10 lines of a text file to the standard output? A. cat -n 10 filename B. dump -n 10 filename C. head -n 10 filename D. tail -n 10 filename Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 10 Which of the following commands prints all files and directories within the /tmp directory or its subdirectories which are also owned by the user root? (Choose TWO correct answers.) A. find /tmp -uid root -print B. find -path /tmp -uid root C. find /tmp -user root -print D. find /tmp -user root E. find -path /tmp -user root print Correct Answer: CD

QUESTION 11 After moving data to a new filesystem, how can the former path of the data be kept intact in order to avoid reconfiguration of existing applications? (Choose TWO correct answers.) A. By creating an ACL redirection from the old to the new path of the data. B. By creating a hard link from the old to the new path of the data. C. By creating a symbolic link from the old to the new path of the data. D. By running the command touch on the old path. E. By mounting the new filesystem on the original path of the data. Correct Answer: CE

QUESTION 12 Which of the following settings for umask ensures that new files have the default permissions -rw-r----- ? A. 0017 B. 0640 C. 0038 D. 0027 Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 13 Which of the following commands changes the number of days before the ext3 filesystem on /dev/sda1 has to run through a full filesystem check while booting? A. tune2fs -d 200 /dev/sda1 B. tune2fs -c 200 /dev/sda1 C. tune2fs -i 200 /dev/sda1 D. tune2fs -n 200 /dev/sda1 E. tune2fs --days 200 /dev/sda1 Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 14 Which of the following commands creates an ext3 filesystem on /dev/sdb1? (Choose TWO correct answers.) A. /sbin/mke2fs -j /dev/sdb1 B. /sbin/mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sdb1 C. /sbin/mkfs -c ext3 /dev/sdb1 D. /sbin/mke3fs -j /dev/sdb1 Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 15 What is the purpose of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard? A. It is a security model used to ensure files are organized according to their permissions and accessibility. B. It provides unified tools to create, maintain and manage multiple filesystems in a common way. C. It defines a common internal structure of inodes for all compliant filesystems. D. It is a distribution neutral description of locations of files and directories. Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 16 Which of the following commands can be used to display the inode number of a given file?A. inode B. ls C. ln D. cp Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 17 Which file in the proc filesystem lists parameters passed from the bootloader to the kernel? (Specify the file name only without any path.) Correct Answer: cmdline

QUESTION 18 Which option to the yum command will update the entire system? (Specify ONLY the option name without any additional parameters.) Correct Answer: update

QUESTION 19 Which command displays a list of all background tasks running in the current shell? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.) Correct Answer: jobs

QUESTION 20 Which umask value will result in the 210-250 dumps default access permissions of 600 (rw-------) for files and 700 (rwx------) for directories? (Specify only the numerical umask value.) Correct Answer: 0077

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